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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stupid Lungs

Here I sit, hacking away and cursing my lungs.

I've managed to develop a full-fledged summer cold. Summer colds are so much more indignant than winter colds because human beings are supposed to be sick in the winter time. That's when it's ok to hibernate and live in a blanket fort from November to January.

But summer time is when people are supposed to be all hail and hearty and whatnot.

And even though our "summer" has been filled with middling, grey-skyed days, I still feel as though my immune system has betrayed me.

At first, I tried the patented "just pretend that there is no cold" strategy to see if I could fool my body into ignoring the cold.

I did this by partaking in an evening 5k run in honour of the Summer Solstice. I wheezed my way through the race, wolfed down a celebratory hot dog and stumbled into bed a little after midnight.

I was all excited because I thought that the mixture of running + greasy food had cured my lingering sore throat.




The next morning I woke up in a pile of pain. I felt like I had swallowed an entire porcupine and it was bristling with rage inside my throat.

Oh, and I sounded both husky and stuffed up. Which is a super sexy combination.

I basically spent the weekend moaning around the house and coughing like someone in line for an iron lung.

I wisely avoided work on Monday.

I not so wisely braved work today. I was promptly sent home. I suppose my protestations of "I'm FINE" coupled with deep, horrible coughs did not actually convince anyone.

So, now I'm back home feeling vaguely sorry for myself and trying not to be utterly distracted by own wheezy breathing patterns.

Ugh. UGH.

At least Adam's been distracting me with Season 1 of "True Blood". Saucy southern vampires make convalescence a little easier to handle.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of Two Minds

Oh lord.

I am doing a lot of school this month. A lot.

One of my courses makes my brain hurt every week with its scary assignments and tests. And my other course creeps and lurks in the background, like a stalker. This course rears up every once in a while and says things like "DO THIS BIG SCARY WRITTEN TEST RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOU FAIL HAHAH HA".

Last weekend gave me heart palpitations because I my two courses converged and I had to basically chain myself to my laptop for several hours.

And the worst thing is that these courses are so drastically different, that my brain literally has to clunk into a different gear when I'm switching back and forth. Otherwise, I get confused and write about how to motivate people who are guilty of securities fraud.


In other news, Adam would like you to know that he is a meatatarian. The man love meat. He basically looks at an animal and parses it into cuts of meat. I often catch him eyeing our cats and I'm pretty sure he's wondering if he can fit them in the crock pot.

I, on the other hand, would be a happy vegetarian. If I could have bacon. If bacon was re-classified as a vegetable, I would embrace vegetarianism with open arms (which would be full of bacon).

I'm very conflicted when it comes to eating meat. I know, in theory, where meat comes from, but I'm more comfortable thinking that meat comes from:

a) trees
b) the grocery store

I don't like to think that my meat once had eyelashes. It makes me sad.

But, I know that I'm omnivorous and I need the protein that comes from meat. But it doesn't mean that I don't feel guilty when I tuck into a pork chop.

So, in conclusion, I am torn apart all over the place this week.

My homework is driving me crazy, and I'm fighting a moral and ethical battle with meat products.

I think I need to relax in a bath. With a glass of wine.

And a handful of bacon.