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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Felis Domesticus

I think I might love my cats too much (if that's possible). I just spent the better part of an hour taking a cat sitter through the various nuances and quirks of Mortimer and Io. We talked about habits, stress triggers, feeding, etc. It's like being in charge of two furry, high maintenance children. Who happen to use a litter box.

I am also paying this cat sitter an exorbitant amount of money to come pet my cats and hang out with them for a few hours a day. I suppose she's also being paid for feeding and watering them, but I believe most of the cost goes towards giving my cats the love that they are accustomed to.

I always feel slight cat-mommy guilt when we go away on vacation. I often think that the cats will forget who I am if I go away for any period of time. In reality, they probably just vaguely wonder where the human who talks to them in an annoying high pitched tone has gone.

Cat sitter preparation is just one of the last-minute steps I'm taking to ready the Bitchardson duo for our Belize trip.

Next up? Buying small, wee toiletries - like a collapsible toothbrush!

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