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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knock, knock....

Oh, readers, I really have THINGS TO SAY about many subjects, but I think I'll stick with discussing my slightly awkward and tenuously inappropriate social behaviors while in the workplace.

For some reason, I trend towards being the "class clown" at work. At any work. It's strange. Not that it's strange because I'm lacking in humor. On the contrary. I find myself quite amusing and I know that my cats appreciate my jokes and impeccable comedic timing.

But at work....something happens.

It's like the transformation between Bruce Banner and the Incredible Hulk (+1 for Geek Reference). I'll be going about my daily routine and suddenly have this irresistible urge to free style rap. Or to come up with ridiculous (and awesome) nicknames for my co-workers. Or to engage in a one-woman version of charades.

So instead of turning green and rending my clothing, I just collapse my brain/mouth filter and revel in the humorous results.

It's really quite unstoppable.

It's a good thing I work with a pretty relaxed and laid back team. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would spend more time up in human resources than at my own desk.

The extent of my at-work shenanigans really hit home when I was reminiscing with another co-worker.

Me: Hey, remember the other day when I was wildly inappropriate at work, but it had hilarious consequences?
Them: Oh, you mean when you were re-enacting how to use a plunger when the executive director walked by?
Them: The time that you talked really loudly about hot dog eating contests?
Them: When you did that impression of your husband and ended up spilling tea all over the place?
Them: Steph, there are just too many instances of you being inappropriate. I can't narrow them down.

So then I called her a euphemism for "lady of the night" and went on my way.

Most days, I manage to hold on to the slippery slope of professionalism at least until the afternoon (or until I've ingested enough caffeine - whichever comes first), and then all bets are off.

And this isn't even touching the expounded ridiculousness that happens when I start drinking around my co-workers.

Good lord. That's when the small part of my brain that keeps my ~secrets~ gets unlocked and I say all the things that no one should really ever say.

But I think I must just be so adorable that I'm forgiven, even when I'm drunkenly professing my undying love to peach schnapps and laughing like a manic hyena.

I think it's a good personality trait to have, this ability to find humor and to make other people laugh. But it's possible that I might have to start being more sensible about when I start talking about why "T-Bone" is a perfectly good nickname for a co-worker. And I should probably stop telling people that I'll fire them if they don't bring me food.

But if people would only bring me cookies of their own volition, we wouldn't have this problem.

Uh oh. I'm up to 2 cups of tea and it's only 9:30. I sense an early start for Hulk-like hilarity today.

Batten down the hatches, we're headed for a humor tsunami!

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