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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Lupercalia!

This entry is prompted by mom (hi mom!) calling and saying "What does your facebook status mean?"

The status is question reads like this "Happy Lupercalia!"

Amid a sea of "Happy Valentine's Day" status updates, could I really be the lone person celebrating the ancient Roman festival of fertility and fecundity?

It would appear so!

It's so rare that I get to flex my Classics muscle, that I secretly revel in the opportunity to spout off about Roman festivals or Greek muses or the in's and out's (literally) of the ancient pantheons.

Surprisingly, I don't get to use this knowledge much in my day-to-day existence.  Sad, sad.

I don't know about you, but I would much rather pay homage to a frenetic fertility right consisting of half naked men, goat skin and screaming women than a Hallmark holiday.

Hmm. Overpriced chocolate or some down and dirty sacrificing? Tough choice.

If I were single and ready to mingle, I would swoon forever if a suitor came up to me and was like "You know what? Let's skip Valentine's Day this year.  Instead, let's go prance around hitting people with goat pieces".

Be still my heart.

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