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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finders Keepers

I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. 

My blog saved me a $50 replacement fee and saved me a ton of beaurocratic hassle.

It was a case of a lost object (my work pass) and a worried owner (me) being reunited by the powers of social media.  After fussing with bags and ipods and a kindle, I inadvertently knocked my work pass off its spot on my belt loops and onto the cold, unforgiving sidewalk in downtown Vancouver.  I realized its absence only when I was on the train, zooming towards the suburbs and was gearing up for the annoying task of paying for a new one.

When I got around to opening my laptop (after dinner and some cat harassment), there was an email from a kind soul who:

1) found my work pass on the sidewalk
2) looked me up on LinkedIn
3) found my blog linked to my profile
4) found my contact information in my blog
5) sent me an email about my work pass

We're meeting at waterfront station after work today, 24 hours from when the pass first slipped from my possession.

If it wasn't for my linked in profile and my blog, it would have been a much more arduous process to get my pass back, and I might have never connected with this individual at all!

So, thank you blog, for being a Finder of Lost Things.

Maybe you can also become a Finder of Lost Words. 

Now that my mojo is back at work, I'm looking to reclaim that creativity for all of the side projects I have on the go.  From the novel I'm halfway through, to the poems that keep ratting around my brain, I'm hoping that simply by getting into the practice of writing for the sake of writing, I'll lose the fear of failure and of rejection.

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