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Sunday, November 22, 2009


So if you've known me for any length of time you'll be familiar with my particular breed of gremlins which tends to attack technological devices.

It's not uncommon for anything with circuitry to go buggy in my presence, much to Adam's chagrin. I have what is basically the opposite of technological green thumb.

When I received a new laptop, I looked at it with trepidation and concern, fearful that it would not last long in my hands. To my laptop's credit, it held out for a while. Bravely, it suffered through minor hiccups like freezing for no good reason and the random breakage of the "t" key. But, alas, it's forcefield was being slowly worn down by my gremlins.

Every time I touched the poor wee computer, I could feel it cringing beneath my deadly fingertips. But, still, it held out.

Until today.

I was merrily surfing the internet when I put the laptop down to get a drink of water. As I stood up, I literally saw the life leave it's eyes. It made a sad "bewoooo" noise and shut off.

I prodded it a few times, hoping it was just playing dead - like a mechanical opossum. But it was the real thing. My poor laptop was now no more than a fancy paper weight.

I sadly poked it a few more times, hoping to find a secret button that would reverse all of the trauma and make it sing with life again. No such button.

So now I've commandeered my husband's laptop and I will try and type stealthily, like a ninja, so it won't die on me.

Poor laptop, I hardly knew ye...

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