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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stress and Numbers and Graphs

I had a stressful morning, full of broken alarm clocks and flailing. I was afforded 2.5 extra hours of sleep due to malfunctioning technology, but by the time I did awake from my slumber, I was in a total state of panic.

I managed to get dressed, perform basic hygiene functions, feed the cats and rocket up to the bus stop in about 3.5 seconds. I think I broke a sound barrier.

After arriving at work 1.5 hours later than usual, I was about 1.5 hours behind in everything I tried to do today.

This made for a long, frustrating and tedious work day.

Finally, finally it was home time! I shuffled out onto the congested downtown streets and shoved my way onto a crowded skytrain. Surrounded by 9.5 million fellow cranky commuters, I spent the ride home trying to preserve some kind of personal space. It was a losing battle.

Immediately following the skytrain ride came a short jaunt in a shuttle bus which deposited me in Port Moody.

As I walked down the hill toward my townhouse, I marveled at how my stress level declines exponentially as I more farther away from downtown Vancouver.

If I were to express this in a mathematical equation (why not?!), it would look something like this:

Except replace those words with "Stress Level" and "Distance From Vancouver", respectively.

Vancouver is full of noise and people and buildings. And I don't particularly care for noise or people or buildings.

And while Port Moody is not where my heart is truly at home, it at least allows me to breath and stretch and look at the scenery without having to look past a skyscraper.

So, even though I spent the whole day 1.5 hours behind, I came home, and I took some deep breaths, and I was able to catch up to myself.

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