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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Return to the wild

It's T-1 day until we go camping! So far, Adam has:

-reserved us a campsite
-hauled out and inventoried the camping gear
-aired out the sleeping bags
-washed the cooking gear
-organized a list of what we need to buy/bring

And I have:

-read my book in the sun
-given Adam some helpful suggestions*

I feel as if I've put in a full day's worth of work and it's only 1:00. Clearly, I need to send Adam to make me some more iced tea. He's so lazy.

I love camping. I love campfires and smokies and hammocks and hiking.

I do not love sketchy outhouses and big spiders in sleeping bags.

But I figure that the positives outweigh the negatives. But if I find a big spider in my sleeping bag, I might have to spend the night in the car.

We're heading to the Sunshine Coast bright and early (ie: before noon) tomorrow. We're camping near Sechelt for five days before grudgingly returning to Vancouver.

I'm mostly excited about camping because it gives me an excuse to eat hot dogs at all hours of the day. Also, I get to roast marshmallows! There's something primal and satisfying about holding a helpless marshmallow over a fire until it chars and reveals its sweet, gooey innards.

Camping makes me a little weird.

I wish we could bring our cats with us, but they would spend the entire time alternating between throwing feline hissy fits or cowering in the tent.

Also, they would be eaten by the local wildlife. Probably by aggressive squirrels.

We're bringing our camera, so we can document the frivolity. Expect to be photo-spammed when we get back!

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