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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shaggy mop head

So I just cut off literally a foot of my hair. I think I spontaneously lost about 20 pounds!

I had grown my hair out for my wedding last September and endured long hair through the humid climes of Belize, but for the last few weeks I had been feeling a nagging desire to chop off my locks.

I had to convince the hair dresser that, yes, I wanted a hair cut and, no, I did not just want a trim.

"But you have such nice hair!" she said.

"Yes, but it attacks my husband and cats. It is also sentient and quite malevolent", is what I thought about saying in return.

Instead I just told her that I was tired of wearing it up all the time and needed a change. But I think she got a taste of how terrifying my hair can be when halfway through the hair cut she paused and said "I think your hair is pouting. Why is your hair pouting?".

It was pouting because she was snipping away its ability to strangle people.

I think she was afraid I was one of those people who are fundamentally attached to their hair and freak out once its gone.

I am not one of these people. I have had pixie hair, long hair, medium hair, red and black hair, red and blond hair and very VERY red hair (so red that my nickname at work became "Howdy Doody").

I'm off the opinion that since hair grows back, you should do what you want with it. If you hate it, you only really have to suffer the shame for a few weeks at most.

So the hair dresser started cutting. And cutting. And cutting. SO MUCH CUTTING.

I tipped her extra because I'm sure she developed an hand cramp.

My hair is now just below my ears and cut into a shaggy, messy bob. I even have some bangs! And my hair dresser dyed it a deep, shiny red.

I'm still getting used to it. I'm not sure if I look like I have strategic bed head or if I just look I've taken a nap in a tornado.

But I must say that feeling air on the nape of my neck is very novel right now.

I would take pictures, but I can't find the camera and I can't be arsed to find it right now. I'll have Adam take some snaps when I see him tomorrow morning.

I have to say that no one screamed in horror when I went grocery shopping and my cats recognized me when I returned, so that's good news.

In non-hair related news, I'm excited because I found the perfect present for my brother Mike's 25th birthday. It's from the internet, so it won't be here for a few weeks, but it's seriously awesome. I love the internet. It provides such easy access to ridiculous items.

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