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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Slug Tossing - a sure sign of spring

I believe that spring may have officially sprung in my neck of the woods.

Today has dawned bright and beautiful and I will take advantage of this gorgeous weather by.....studying for my final exam.


Well, maybe I'll go for a run first and then study. Because I feel if I waste this day, Mother Nature will give me that look that all mothers are famous for. You know, the one that makes you regret everything you've ever done ever.

This weekend will also see Adam and I partaking in some intense yardening. Yardening, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a combination of yard work and gardening. Our yardening will include power washing the deck, digging up some planters and de-slugging our backyard.

But don't worry, we de-slug in a humane way.

You see, our backyard is surrounded by lots of trees. This is good, because I love trees (please see my blog posts about THE TRUCK to understand my fanatical love of foliage). These trees, however, block the sun, which casts my backyard in shadow.

This means that my backyard is a haven of moss and shifty looking shade plants. And slugs.


And as much as I love my slimy friends, I don't so much love them in my yard.

So Adam and I engage in a lively sport called "Slug Tossing".

This might be an Olympic event some day.

Basically, we find a slug, scoop it up with a leaf, and hurl it over our fence, into the soft leafy ground on the other side.

From there (we think), the slugs go on and have many exciting and fun adventures.

I feel a little guilty when I launch a slug over my fence, but I can almost hear the slug's joyous "wheeee!" when he becomes air born for the first time.

So, really, I'm just giving slugs the gift of flight.

If they end up inventing tiny, slug airplanes because of this, I think I deserve some credit.

And, yes, this is exactly how my brain operates. Bizarre "what if" moments and slug related hypotheticals take up most of my thinking power.

No wonder I'm so distracted all the time...

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