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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Investing in Psychic Easter Bunnies

As I write this blog (from the comfort of my parent's Nanoose Bay home), I'm watching crows and seagulls feast on a variety of meat and cheese bits left over from a party 2 years ago. For some reason, this extra food was kept in the freezer and was saved for this precise reason.

We make our own fun out here.

There is a surprising amount of drama between these birds. The seagulls use their sheer size and bullying, but the crows have the stealth advantage. It really is anyone's game, but I think the seagulls are winning due to the fact that they have the ability to swallow 2pounds of cheese in one gulp.

Both parents are giving a spirited play-by-play of this Birdie Battle Royale.

I came out here on Thursday on my job's dime to give a presentation about investor fraud to the Parksville Newcomer's Club. Sharing the presentation with my co-worker, we talked to about 70 grey-haired individuals about how not to get scammed.

The presentation was not my best, due to the fact that both of my parents showed up and sat in the front row. This had the unfortunate side effect of causing me to forget what I was actually talking about and make up words that made no sense. Ugh.

My co-worker saved the presentation by telling ficticious stories about people "just like you" who were scammed. We managed to exit, but not before my co-worker almost signed himself up for a senior's bus tour of the island.

Waking up Friday, we were met with a power outage that lasted the majority of the day. After a rain-soaked drive to find breakfast, we came back home and cozied up around the fire. I spent a strenuous afternoon napping and reading and watching the storm rage outside. Seriously, I think I sprained something with all that excitement.

After witnessing nature's amazing destruction, Saturday dawned chilly, but beautiful. And it's a good thing, because mom had plans for me.

Back last summer, before I got married, mom planned to take me out to get my tea leaves read at a quaint little tea house in Nanaimo. Those plans fell through, and we decided to postpone our outing. Finally, the Saturday before Easter was the day of reckoning.

The tea leaf reading was interesting, and more of a psychic reading than anything else. I'm still processing everything she said. I'm internalizing it and seeing what might apply or ring true.

She did say a few things that struck a very deep chord and moved me to tears (which is mildly embarassing in that setting).

I'm interested to return to the tea shop and get my tea leaves read by one of the other women there - one of the traditional tea leaf readers, just to see what she has to say.

One thing the psychic did point out was that I carry far to much stress, about work and about family and I have to learn how to compartmentalize and let some things go. This is a hard concept for me to put into action, because I'm a "fixer" and I want to make sure that everything and everyone I love is taken care of and safe.

She also told me that I grind my teeth. And I do. I even have a sexy bite guard that gives me an alluring lisp.

She also told me that Adam and I were "it" and that he made me happy. Which is true. It's especially true when Adam buys me stuff (kidding!).

And on this Easter Sunday, I am very reflective. Of family and of work and of life. My brain only briefly slowed down to let me enjoy a giant breakfast of eggs, waffles and bacon. My brain knows better than to make me think while I'm eating bacon. Bacon will always be the priority over complex thought.

And now, dear readers, I bid you a wonderful and relaxing Easter and I'm off to enjoy the spoils of the Easter egg hunt mom set up for us "kids" in the living room.

I'm happy to report that I won the egg hunt by an embarassingly wide margin.

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