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Monday, November 8, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Oh Lord. It's been approximately forever since I've updated my blog. And I'm tired of being out blogged by my husband, so I thought that I'd better up the post count in Stephopolis...

So the reason for my extended absence? A few things. Let's make a fun list!

1. School - For the past few months I've been focusing on completing my latest course ("Motivation and Productivity", for those of you who are interested. And, yes, it really was just as enthralling as it sounds). I wrote a particularly tedious final exam in October and, despite the fact that the online test was fraught with technological issues, I passed with decent marks. The completion of this course puts me that much closer to getting my Bachelor of Professional Arts in Communications.

2. Family - For the last week of October, Chez Bitchardson played host to Adam's mom and dad. They came out to get a sense of what a British Columbia autumn has to offer and to experience the insanity of Halloween in our neighbourhood.

We consistently have over 150 kids and go through several Costco-sized bags of candy. I swear, parents from all over the lower mainland must bus their wee goblins to our townhouse complex, because there's no way there are that many kids living around here.

3. Work. This category is the biggest reason for why this blog has been collecting dust.

For some time, I've felt like a change was in order in my professional life. Work was becoming stagnant and staid, and I wanted more of a challenge.

I also wanted something more aligned with my professional interests, namely Communications.

After testing the waters and putting some feelers out, an opportunity presented itself. After jumping through several hoops, including three interviews and a written assignment, I was offered the position of Communications Specialist.

And while this might seem like a straightforward decision, I actually agonized for quite a long time on the pros and cons and ups and downs of this particular choice.

Why? Because the timing could not have been worse for my current workplace. In the middle of my interview process, two other teammates announced their resignations. And by accepting the position, I would be the third person to leave in just as many months.

And, being the team and people oriented person that I am, the prospect of leaving my team in that non-enviable position gave me pangs of anxiety.

But, thanks to a lovely and supportive group of family and friends, I slowly realized that throwing away an opportunity for "the greater good" would be foolish. They collectively helped give me perspective and lifted the veil of guilt that was clouding my eyes. And I am forever thankful and grateful for every person who listened to me talk myself around in circle and who then carefully guided me to the decision I knew I was going to make all along.

So, I made my choice, negotiated like a champion, and gave my notice. And now, I leave the comfort and familiarity of my old workplace near the end of November and immediately start my new job. Lots of people think I'm crazy for not taking a break in between, but I know that if I take time off, I'll just spend the whole time thinking anxious little thoughts and driving myself crazy with "what if" statements.

So now is the time of tying up loose ends and of succession planning and legacy leaving. And, while I'm torn up about leaving some of the amazing people I've met and worked with, I'm excited by what's on the horizon. I'm eager to cut my teeth as a Communications professional and I know I'm going to get a thrill when I get to put "Communications Specialist" on my new business cards.

So, yes, all of this explains why I've neglected my blog. But, seeing as I'm going to work in the field of Communications, I figure I should maybe start communicating more often.

Which probably means I should update my blog more than once in a blue moon. Ahem.

So, expect to hear more from me!

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