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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Business 101

Due to overwhelming pleading from my multitude of readers (aka: gentle harassment from my mom), I decided to update my blog again.


Since I last wrote, I have done the following:

1. Witnessed a risque dance number performed by several grey-haired women. The routine, set to the tune of "Hey Big Spender", came mid way through the birthday party for an established octogenarian.

2. Fully embraced post-Olympic Vancouver and reveled at the distinct lack of cheerful tourists blocking every foreseeable intersection.

3. Lost 2 pounds through a mysterious regime known as "Watching TV, Eating Salty Food and Not Moving Very Much".

Most excitingly, however, I (along with two friends), have decided to start a business!

Granted, much of this discussion did happen over 1 (or 3) pitchers of Sangria, but I think the idea has legs.

Here's the gist. The three of us are:

a) reasonably well educated (together, we have a combination of 3 Master's Degrees and 4 Bachelors' Degrees)
b) at odds with our current, dull, full time jobs
c) in need of a creative outlet

The combination of these circumstances has created the perfect storm of an idea.

The three of us are looking to start a writing, editing, researching collective. We want to take the rough work of students, fledgling companies, etc. and make it...better. We want to shape text and delete extraneous commas! We want to research obscure things for obscure people! We want to make money!

And we're not going into this completely blind. The mother of one of my friends does this kind of stuff for a living and is approaching retirement. Not only can she give us tips, but we might be able to steal her client list!

I'm cautiously excited about this prospect. I'm not exactly entrepreneurial, but I do have a talent with words and I'd like to be able to use those skills to bring in some coin.

Right now, we're at the OH GOD WHAT DO WE CALL OURSELVES phase. I've tasked my mom to come up with potential names and she's been blowing up my phone and email with ideas.

Actually, I'm surprised she hasn't called while I've been writing this entry!


(I love you mom, but writing this blogs means I get to make fun of you on the internet sometimes...)

So this is a very new idea, born of desperation and alcoholic beverages (but, really, isn't that how the best ideas are born?!)

I'll keep you updated. And if you have any ideas for a company name, feel free to email me. Or email my mom and run them by her.


  1. Wow, that's a cool idea! I've been thinking about something similar, but I'm such a shy guy(oops, gal) I'm afraid of jumping into starting my own business. Good luck to you!

    Don't wanna turn you down, but you can lose 2pounds from losing water simply... :)

  2. Thanks very much for the encouragement :)